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  • Do you accept returns or refund requests?
    No, all sales are final & non-refundable. This is an industry standard.
  • Are the machines brand new?
    All units if listed as new, are brand new & factory sealed in the box. All Bitmain BTC miners come with 12 months of factory warranty. All Bitmain altcoin (any miners that does not mine BTC) miners come with 6 months of factory warranty.
  • Where do you ship the miners from?
    We are a US company based in Grand Forks North Dakota, with American bank accounts & American employees. We ship worldwide & as such, we have stock ship out of the US and Hong Kong.
  • How long does shipping take?
    Delivery can take 5-14 days of receipt of payment for new ASICs. Used ASICs delivery can take 10-21 days. Delivery time can be longer due to logistics or customs events & backlogs that are out of our control. However, this is rare.
  • Will I have to pay customs duty?
    Duties are covered within our quoted price, and Musk Miners handles all logistics. For larger orders, please reach out prior to purchase via the Contact Us page.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    For payment we accept Credit Cards, stable coin (USDT or USDC) and Bank Wire or ACH (USD). If purchasing through the website, you will endure a 3.5% processing fee for credit card and/or debit card purchase. To avoid the 3.5% fee, please reach out via the contact us page and we will send a Quickbooks invoice payable via wire, ACH, USDT or USDC. There is no 3.5% fee for payment via wire, ACH, USDT or USDC.
  • What are your order cancelation terms?
    Our terms are very simple & listed on our refund policy page.
  • What happens if my miner arrives faulty?
    This can happen, and when it does, we understand it’s frustrating. At Musk Miners, our responsibility is to deliver a brand new, fully functional, sealed unit. If a miner arrives faulty and is hosted, we will fix the miner at no cost to the client.

    There are no repair costs for any units under warranty.
  • What about warranty?
    All new Bitmain BTC miners come with a 12 month warranty. All Bitmain altcoin (any miners that does not mine BTC) miners come with 6 months of factory warranty. All warranties begin to expire the day the unit leaves the factory.

    An advantage to purchasing Bitmain products is they have domestic repair centers located throughout the United States.

    Learn how to submit a Bitmain repair ticket here:
  • Hosting

  • Is there a minimum quantity for hosting?
    At this time we are requiring a 1 unit minimum for our facilities.
  • What ASIC models will you host?

    Only Bitmain model KS3s (7.3T, 8.2T, and 9.4T).

    Unfortunately we do not host ICERIVER made units. ICERIVER has shown very poor quality with over 20-30% failure rates in their KS3M and KS3 units.

    L7 (8.8GH, 9.05GH, 9.3GH, 9.5GH)

  • If I host with you who owns the ASICs?
    You own the units you host with us. At the end of our 12 month contract, you have the option to renew for another 12 months or ship your ASIC to your location of choice for a domestic shipping cost of $50/unit and international shipping cost of $250
  • What are the fees to host?
    We charge 8 cents per kilowatt hour. This is an all in cost per month. We do not add service fees or racking fees. 

    This translates to:

    $158.98/S19k Pro 120T per unit per 30-days

    $174.64/S19 XP 141T per unit per 30-days

    $201.60/S21 200T per unit per 30-days

    $159.78/Bitmain KS3 7.3T per unit per 30-days

    $183.63/Bitmain KS3 8.2T per unit per 30-days

    $201.60/Bitmain KS3 9.4T per unit per 30-days

    For all other units price per month please see our price list on our telegram price channel or reach out to us. 

  • Where are your hosting facilities located?
    Arkansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas, and Washington state. 
  • Can I send Musk Miners my existing miners to be hosted with you?
    At this time, we are only hosting miners that are purchased through us. No Exceptions.
  • Home Mining Hardware

  • Do miners come with a power supply?
    All miners sold through Musk Miners come with the power supply needed. All hosted miners come with the needed power cable, but miners shipped to homes do not come with the power cables needed to power the miner from the circuit to the miner.
  • Do you provide any after sale support, troubleshooting, or repairs?
    Yes. We can assist in warranty submission and take care of all warranty submissions for hosted units. All repair requests should be done through the manufacturer. We do help with setup of ASIC if we have availability, free of charge.
  • What electrical cables are needed for miners?
    All power cables will depend on your setup. If you are not sure, please send us a picture of your electrical circuit and we will help you get what you need.
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